Death is such a weird thing. At first it doesn’t seem real. They were just there. You were just talking to them. You see them. They are still there…Yet, they are not. Life and death. Has anyone navigated death with grace and understanding? It catches you off guard. It makes you think, but not in a way you are used to. It makes you feel. Those deep feelings are there, the ones you rarely feel. Or if you just lost someone maybe you feel them all the time now. Numbness.

Death gives perspective. It makes you so thankful for what you have yet so distant from the normalities that seem so big to “have a good day” that now seem so…….. insignificant.

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At first I was looking for answers, like why, how, who….But none of that really matters now. I see that as more being selfish and trying to connect the dots, when really all I know is that a person, is gone.

In college, I learned about the grief cycle. Everyone goes through these emotions as we are all human, but it shows up differently. I think we need to remember we have each other and to feel what you are feeling. Don’t suppress those feelings and talk with someone you trust. Everyone goes through this cycle for different amounts of time. Allow time… Now will never be the same again, but it will get better. It will be a new way of life. Remember time heals…Image result for grief cycle


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