Bob Stroller-Getting Out of the House

There is one stroller that has done it all. The Bob Stroller has allowed me to get out of the house as a mom of two. My son is four and my daughter is four months old. I have used it with both of them. I don’t hear many people talk about the Bob Stroller so I thought I would. I have owned the Bob Stroller for five years, and it has been my number one for getting out of the house. It has withstood snacks, spit up, dirt roads, hills, pot holes, jogging, walking countless miles, bird poop, and spills. You name it, and the Bob has been through it. It still performs and looks the same as it did five years ago. It is highly durable.


I see these adds all the time for different “fancy strollers” such as the Uppa Baby, or the City Select. Those are fine if you live in the city and all paths are smooth and dirt free. I live in the country, and some of the walkways around me are dirty and bumpy. You don’t want to go over a bump and wake a sleeping baby. The Bob is smooth even on dirt roads, and always puts my babies to sleep.


The Bob also helps me get out of the house. I need to get out at least once a day for my mental sanity. If I don’t have any plans, I use the Bob to take walks.

I initially thought after having two kids I would need the Bob Dually(two seater), but the singe one works just fine. My four year old rarely sits very long on our walks and likes to ride his bike or scooter instead. In the case that he gets tired, which he usually does, I just have him sit in the front part. This allows me to push both kids using a single stroller. He doesn’t usually sit long to rest anyway. If you have a single and are thinking about a double, try having your child sit in the little triangle part in the front. It comes in handy. There are other attachments for your single that can make it applicable for two kids.


Stuff…kids come with lots of stuff. We always have to take a water bottle, snack, and blanket for our walks. The Bob has great storage underneath. I can take it to a store and put the items underneath. On top, I purchase this accessory to hold my drinks, phone, and keys.  Bob cup holder

Running and walking is easy. It rides very smoothly and has real tires. I have an older version, so mine has spokes and the new ones have “rims.” I can go from pavement to dirt and back with ease. It glides along the road, and my baby usually goes to sleep. I can go through pot holes and up hills with no problem. It has a foot break, a hand break, and a leash so that it doesn’t get away from you. I have my son hold the leash when crossing the street or if we are in a store to keep me hands free.

The Bob stores easily and can be hung in your garage, or folded up. It fits in the back of my car. It folds up easily. The Bob is kind of heavy compared to other strollers, but that is due to its durability.


I highly recommend the Bob Stroller. It has lasted a long time,  and has come in handy in multiple situations. As you can see, my children love it too.

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