Dry Brushing

Self care looks a little different these days since having the baby. I try to fit in little bits of time and things I can do at home to feel a little more indulgent. Dry brushing is one of the ways I can fit in some self care(sounds like an an oxymoron-fit in self care ha ha). It’s quick, it’s easy, and you see results.  Dry brushing is like giving yourself a little massage before you take a bath or shower. The goal is to use the brush to stimulate  your lymphatic system to eliminate toxins. Dry brushing can also exfoliate the skin, leaving it smooth and silky. Some say it can get rid of cellulite as well. I think of it as a nice addition to my self care routine.


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In the morning, I use a large brush before showering. I use sweeping motions towards my heart. You can adjust the amount of pressure to your needs and over time add pressure. Start off doing it a couple times a week, and then you can do it daily. I shower adding a nice shower gel and moisturize afterward.

True followers of dry brushing follow this process:

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  • Circular motions with dry brush towards heart
  • Warm shower
  • Moisturize with Oil or Serum

I have found that with consistency, I have seen smoother skin, less cellulite, and improved circulation. Dry brushing is something that I look forward to as that little something extra that I can do with minimal time and effort.

Here are the products I use:

Dry Brush

When looking for a dry brush, check for it’s firmness. Start with a softer brush and work your way up to a firm brush.



Shower Gel

This lavender scent makes this experience more relaxing.



Body Oil

I have been really enjoying Kopari Products for the last year. This is what I apply post shower. I even use this on my baby!


I have been dry brushing for about six months and can see that this will be something that sticks. I look forward to that little something extra in the morning. What types of self care do you practice? Have you ever dry brushed? Let me know in the comments below.

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