Baby is here!


Baby Kiser made her arrival on February 14th! That’s right, she is a Valentines baby. Also, we did not find out the gender, and much to our surprise, it was a girl.

What a whirlwind labor and deliver is. I had forgotten so much of what happens and the intensity with which it happens (I guess that’s how I thought about having a second).

All are healthy, and all went smoothly. That is all that we can ask for in a labor and delivery. The sweetest thing is seeing our first child bond with the new baby. It’s always a little nerve-racking to see how the older sibling will respond to the younger sibling. Our son took right to the baby and has been a great helper. That is not to say that it hasn’t been a transition for all of us,  and he has been great.

We are now home and transitioning into family life as a family of four. It’s as if she has always been here, and as I type here sleepily, I am grateful for our family.


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