CBD-Maternity, Breastfeeding, and Drug Testing

CBD! It’s all the rage. It’s in lip balm,  water, and lotion, etc…The CBD world is booming and so are its products. I wanted to share some of the things I have learned along the way and what my family uses.

CBD or Cannabidiol is part of the hemp plant. CBD by itself cannot, I repeat cannot, get you high. It does not have THC in it, if it is isolated. What does that mean? That means if you have CBD and it is pure CBD oil with nothing else, it cannot give mind altering effects. Now, there are lots of products on the market that are CBD with other things in it that could show up on a drug test.

Here is a brief Harvard article regarding CBD Harvard CBD Article


Drug Testing

My husband has his Class A drivers license. This requires that he gets random drug tests. He also takes CBD. He takes CBD isolate so that he can benefit from the positive effects of CBD without THC. If you choose CBD that has CBN, CBG, and other things in it, it could, very little chance, but could, test positive on a drug test. There is a 0.1% chance of testing positive on a drug test with full spectrum CBD(with CBD, CBN, and CBG in it). There is a 0.0% of testing positive with CBD isolate. If you have a job where you get drug tested, please use CBD isolate. Read the ingredients and check with the manufacturer.




I took CBD oil during part of my pregnancy. I had been taking it before I conceived, and after my first trimester under the guidance of my doctor and doula. At my first prenatal appointment, I brought my CBD with me and asked the doctor if I could continue taking it. She said that there wasn’t much research out on it, but since I had been taking it before my pregnancy, and was able to get pregnant, that it would be fine. My doctor followed this outline for anything I consumed throughout my pregnancy. I drank kombucha, very little caffiene, no fish, and two deli sandwiches. I made sure not to eat from the deli section of the store, and no fine cheeses. That should give you an idea of the level of caution I take while pregnant. I’m not really strict, but maintain guidelines. I am the type of person that is cautious during pregnancy, so I waited until after my first trimester and then used it sparingly when needed.


I follow a similar routine now that I am breastfeeding. I am taking the children’s dosage of CBD while breastfeeding. That has been sufficient in managing stress and inflammation. I use CBD more frequently compared to pregnancy, because, well, two kids, but at a lower dosage. This has worked well for me.

If you want more information about pregnancy and breastfeeding check out Amanda Supermodelmomma1 on Instagram. She can provide more in depth information. She has a wealth of knowledge on the subject and has experience with CBD while having three children.


My parents use CBD for their dog. He has a tumor that has affected his walking. Since giving him CBD orally, he is in less pain, and gets around much better. They give it to him orally and topically.

Why would you use CBD?

CBD claims to reduce anxiety, stress, depression, and inflammation. Anecdotal  information shows it may lessen seizures as well. CBD is not regulated by the FDA, but if you shop at a natural foods store, neither are most of their products.

My thoughts

While I think CBD is kind of a fad like KETO, or coconut oil, I also think that it can only benefit you, and not hurt you. As with anything you put on your body, or in your body, please consult your doctor. Living in Humboldt I think doctors are more open to having these conversations about Hemp and CBD products. Don’t feel embarrassed, and just be open with them. Again, I am not a doctor and just sharing what has worked for me.

I have only been taking CBD for about 2 years now, but it will continue to be a part of my daily regimen. I see it as taking a supplement like Magnesium to live a healthy lifestyle.


What to look for, where to get it

Know where your CBD comes from, and if the company is reputable. Living in Humboldt County all of my life, I have seen some bizaro companies trying to sell Weed related products that are latent with chemicals and farmed in places that are not natural. It’s like your food. Don’t you want to know where it comes from, and how it was grown before it goes into your body? I do.

You will see tons of new companies selling CBD products. It’s a fairly new industry and is growing rapidly. The company that I trust the most is ThoughtCloud. Check out their FAQ page for all your questions. It’s very thorough. ThoughtCloud offers a wide variety of products (from your child to your pet). They are organic, and have been third party tested. I have only used their products and have been pleasantly surprised by their quality and customer service. If you have never taken CBD before, I suggest you check out ThoughtCloud first. Know where the plants come from and how they are taken care of. Don’t be afraid of CBD oil. Read more about it and then decide. You are not going to get high. It is a legal product to consume, and should be guided by a doctor. Also, ThoughtCLoud offers a hardship program for Veteran’s and people of need. If you cannot afford the product, you can fill out the hardship application and they will send you the product free! Think of someone who suffers from seizures and  wanted to try CBD. They fill out the form and Thoughtcloud will hook them up with product to try.

Here are the products I use in my home


CBD Isolate-this  is the pure CBD oil that cannot test positive on a drug test. My husband takes this since he has a class A driver’s license

Face Mask-a powder that mixed with water or apple cider vinegar pulls out impurities. It is similar to GlamGlow masks if you are familiar with them. It’s good for break outs and black heads

Low Person’s Weight 350mg – this is what I take as needed


CBD Full Spectrum Bath Bomb 70mg in lavender- baths are my favorite way to do self-care and this compliments it nicely

How to choose the right amount of CBD for you

This may seem silly, but the first number on the bottle represents how much CBD is in the product. For example 70mg means the CBD amount. The second number on the bottle means how big the bottle is. That means that a 500ml bottle has less product than a 700ml bottle. I had to do a double take at first to make sure I was reading it correctly.

Now, look at the range of products you are interesting in using. Start small, with the lowest CBD mg amount. Test it, and see how your body reacts. You are not going to notice a head change or  buzzed effect. That is not what CBD does. You will notice a very subtle calm that takes effect. It’s hard to notice, but you will notice its absence. If I don’t take CBD for example, and I am staying home alone, my thoughts will race about break-ins, fires, etc…If I take the CBD oil, those thoughts are rare. There is no “change” in my body per se, but my thoughts are just more in reality. It’s kind of the opposite of what you might think about CBD until you try it.

Check out ThoughtCloud‘s website to learn more about CBD. Their FAQ page is a great place to start learning more. Also, their products go on sale every couple of months which is a great time to try a product out. I am excited to try their Jojoba oil out. Please let me know if you have any questions. Have you tried CBD oil? Which brand or products are your favorite?




*This information is for people 18 and over. Please consult your doctor before using CBD. Thoughtcloud
*This post contains affiliate links. All products mentioned were purchased by Natalie Kiser
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